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Our Real Estate Property Management premiere-leading website; is the concoction of a team of highly experienced professionals that includes renowned Real Estate experts, leading market agencies, and property management experts. In today’s Competitive Market, we provide a platform for all kinds of real estate activities with potentially most effective and efficient ways to market real estate. 
We have proficiently designed our website in the form of an online forum that allows all real estate stakeholders to come together and fetch the right fit for themselves. We ensure that our valued clients can capitalize on best-suited opportunities to make the utmost out of their investments in the field every time.
We take pride in educating our clients in making well-informed decisions regarding buying or selling properties in Pakistan. Egate Properties is a platform for individual investors that enables them to participate alongside some of the leading companies in the market.
Egate is a licensed, leading, comprehensive online property portal based in Pakistan offering the highest levels of service to all stakeholders of the real estate community: property buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, real estate dealers, developers, and agencies alike, with visibility all over Pakistan.
Our passion is fuelled by our desire to create equal and frequent opportunities, for all stakeholders in the vast field of real estate to gain exposure, awareness, and an exact & comprehensive overview of the available properties all over Pakistan at a truly competitive market and industry prices. We tend to offer the current situation in terms of maintenance, present condition, and an exact market value of each and every mentioned property unit as well. 
Furthermore, our competitive edge is our ability to build in-house software that comprises accurate and up-to-date databases regarding present Maintainance conditions and market value of those properties, on-demand. In addition, we offer all information about their present condition with extensive databases comprising of accurate statistics and relevant recent images of every property unit.
Half of the efficacy of the Real Estate sector underlies in extensive and effective networking of people, agencies, and communities. We also have Egate real estate investment club which is an abundant place to find property owners and investors who are our clients for our property management company. 
With market-leading technology, we are able to offer our privileged clients a premiere-leading website to provide updated minute-by-minute market conditions. We truly look forward to assisting you with all of your real estate needs with just one click. Real Estate is all about client information confidentiality and trust established between them and the provider firm. Egate Properties ensures that our valued clients get only the best custom-tailored deals with as little hassle as possible.

We further narrow down our areas of operations into four different sectors for better monitoring and micro-management at Egate Properties' part.

  •  Property Management Company
  •  Real Estate Developer
  •  Real Estate Agent

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